Introducing a personal training gym run by a Japanese who can speak English.

背中 姿勢改善



There are many people from abroad living in Tokyo for business. It is thought that there are quite a few people who want to receive personal training among them. Have you faced any of the following problems in the past with such a person?

I can’t find a trainer who can speak English…

Of course, there are also trainers who can speak English. But overall, they are rare. In short, if you’re lucky, you might be able to meet them all of a sudden. If you are unlucky, you may not be able to meet them.

Currently, people from different countries can communicate with each other by using translators and translation apps, but it is clear that it would be troublesome if they always communicated through translators and translation apps during training.

Therefore, we would like to introduce a personal training gym in Tokyo that offers English-speaking support for English-speaking people, where fitness culture is widespread!

That’s the following gym I am managing.

Personal training gym-“MICHIBIKI” in Kichijoji,Tokyo

Kichijoji Station is one of the stops on major lines such as the Keio Inokashira Line and the JR Chuo Line. If you don’t live along the line, you can’t use it easily, but if you’re interested, I’d like you to use it.

About our training

Trial lesson

The following are the main contents of the trial lesson.

  • Counseling(needs/exercise history/medical history)
  • Physical fitness test(flexibility/muscle strength)
  • Devising a training policy

It means checking your flexibility and strength to see how much intensity you can handle.

Then, we make a training program for you while considering the process to achieve your goal.


Customers have various needs, such as posture correction, losing weight, and health promotion, but what should be done at the basic stage of training is common. It is as follows.

  1. Pelvic correction
  2. Strengthening the inner muscles in the trunk and pelvis
  3. Strengthening the inner muscles in the hip joint
  4. Lower body training
  5. Upper body training
  6. Reflection in sports movements such as running and golf

In the following, we will introduce each of the above in turn.

Pelvic correction


If you don’t correct your pelvic distortion, you can’t efficiently increase your strength in your lower body and upper body.

For example, the exercise below called a hip lift strengthens the pelvic opening by strengthening the muscles in the back, glutes, and back of the thigh.


And by doing sit-ups while holding the ball between both knees as shown below, the power to squeeze the pelvis becomes stronger.


By doing both in a well-balanced manner, the muscles around the pelvis interact with each other to correct the distortion of the pelvis.

Strengthening the inner muscles in the trunk and pelvis

inner unit

Speaking of the inner muscles of the trunk and pelvis, they are collectively called the inner unit as follows.

  • diaphragm
  • multifidus muscle
  • transversus abdominis
  • pelvic floor muscles

The above inner muscles work together to correct the alignment of the spine.

At the same time, let’s practice how to increase the abdominal pressure. This helps maintain correct posture during exercise and improves daily posture.

abdominal pressure

Strengthening the inner muscles in the hip joint

external rotation

In order to strengthen the inner muscles of the hip joint, we focus on the movements of hip joint abduction and external rotation.

The most basic approach is the hip abduction exercise below.


However, the basic hip abduction method described above has a limited training effect because the load is small.

Therefore, we propose a training method that applies the plank movement as follows.



Lower body training

Lower body training is, in other words, training to coordinate different joints of the lower body.

The three joints shown below are the main among the different joints in the lower body.

  • Hip joint
  • Knee joint
  • Ankle joint

First of all, I propose training while coordinating these three joints. A typical exercise is the squat.


Upper body training

shoulder joint


When you think of upper body training, you might think of arm strength training, but it’s the shoulder blades(Scapula) that are more important.

And the shoulder joint and thoracic vertebrae are important in training the shoulder blade. You can check the details above.

In addition to simply moving the scapula, you will train while paying attention to the stability and mobility of the shoulder joint, and the mobility and alignment of the thoracic spine.


attention here・・・Similar to lower body training, upper body training is training to coordinate different joints.

Reflection in sports movements such as running and golf


Everyone’s needs are different, so some people expect an exercise effect that exceeds their daily level.

For example, running

Depending on your running form, the effect of your lower body training will be completely different.

Whether you want to tighten your calves or lift your hips, there are various needs, but we will teach you the form so that you can achieve each purpose.


We can also offer golf training.

We will respond to needs such as increasing the carry of the driver or expanding the movable range of the backswing.


Our recommendation: Body repair

body repair

One of the services that our gym is definitely different from other gyms is body  repair.

The content of this service is mainly myofascial release and stretching, not massage.

You may think that you can do myofascial release and stretching by yourself!

But,It is a service that I would like people who think like that to experience once by all means.

This is because with myofascial release, even if the point of pressure is slightly misaligned, the stimulation will be greatly different. It is directly related to the outcome of the effect.

And even when stretching, we do not simply stretch the muscles such as arms and legs, but finally approach to adjust the alignment of the spine located in the center of the body.

You can easily stretch the muscles in your arms and legs by yourself, but it is difficult to stretch the muscles that support your spine by yourself.

(Note) “Different” does not mean that the service is not available at other gyms, but rather that we are confident that our quality is superior to other gyms.

About outdoor training

Our gym is located in front of a park


So if you want, you can also train in the park.

We can provide training guidance that incorporates various elements, not just running.

Here are some examples of outdoor training. You can watch each exercise in order below.

  1. Front step up jump
  2. Tuck jump
  3. Power skip

Front step up jump

Tuck jump

Power skip


If you want to train by communicating in English instead of Japanese, or if you are looking for personal training, please use our shop. If you have no problems with access, please try the trial lesson.


Personal training gym in Kichijoji, Tokyo

MICHIBIKI Stretch&Exercise


Introduction of the author


15 years of training instruction history


Main career

  • Internship with the Texas Rangers(MLB)
  • Mixed martial arts(UFC) trainer
  • College baseball conditioning coach
  • High school baseball conditioning coach
  • Non Professional Baseball Conditioning Coach

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